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Sun Moon Lake 2019 finalists top 100 global green tourism destination


Green tourism destination for international certification (Green Destinations Awards / Certification) for the Sustainable Tourism Certification Mark of the most prestigious international. Certification unit held annually, “Baida green tourism destination competition” with the selection of unique resources of the Scenic Area, learn to share with other green tourism destinations worldwide, this year’s Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area glory nominated “2019 top 100 global green tourism destination” Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake and the jump in international forum again.

    Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s major green energy – hydroelectric powerhouse, and on behalf of the Japanese pipe at October 11, with “low-carbon Sun Moon Lake 3D surface and air travel” as the theme, share Sun Moon Lake Road bikes, electric vehicles, aerial tramway and amusement network architecture experience electric boat to meet the challenges of carbon emissions and climate change strategies, the Sun Moon Lake area to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment in the process, while emphasizing the contribution of hydroelectric green energy environment of low-carbon tourism. In addition to building a low-carbon tourism environment, but in recent years at the Japanese pipe and reach a consensus with the aboriginal area, the use of cultural landscape and artistic creation, increase visitors to Sun Moon Lake in cultural understanding and respect, the region towards sustainable tourism development efforts.

    Another Travelodge to promote sustainable development, regional daily tube are encouraged to make hotel and guesthouse owners integration of international green tourism supply chain, using the world’s sustainable tourism Committee to develop sustainable tourism guidelines (Global Sustainable Tourism Council / Sustainable Tourism Criteria); area another cloud Bed and Breakfast Toushe walking; two operators have made in the current year (2019) CU-GSTC hotel certification, namely, the concept of poetry feet Chichi hotel and Spa hotel Sun Moon cloud products, covering an average hotel and Ryokan Tourism has also been moving towards sustainable business direction. This results and performance of the industry scale of business, does not limit the pace of sustainable practices; operators towards sustainable long-term commitment to stick with the key to sustainable development for the party.

    Japan Management Office will continue as an engine to drive sustainable development of green business, green marketing and promotion of regional and area with green highlights corporate marketing, global tourism market emerging integrated product image “green tourism destination”, as Sun Moon Lake National Scenic carefully decorating area, the area of ​​natural landscape, cultural heritage, tourism industry elegance and value, by the global tourists of all ages, and consistent with the objectives of the United Nations sustainable development.